Do you have what it takes to be the Sole Survivor?

Every semester, we bring the hit CBS reality show Survivor to Northeastern’s campus. Players compete in immunity challenges and attend tribal councils in pursuit of the coveted title of Sole Survivor (and a $100 cash prize!). The entire experience is filmed and edited by our TV Production team, with finished episodes eventually posted to YouTube!

Both Tribes walking.PNG

"Survivor Northeastern gave me everything I could ask for in a college experience"

Rob Mennuti, Host

"I made the best friends I'll ever backstab"

Lexi Cassano, Production Member

"Survivor Northeastern has flipped my college social life upside down for the better"

Ravi Pandya, Head of Logistics

"Filming and editing for Survivor Northeastern is the most fun thing I've ever done"

Dan Mondschein, Head of TV Production

"I've been voted out twice and I'm still here, so I must like it a lot"

Avalena Linsky, President

"Survivor Northeastern has become my college family"

Colin Williams, Treasurer