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Stephanie Yee 3.jpg

Stephanie Yee

First Year

Psychology & Linguistics Major

From Ridgefield, CT

JM Manzi 4.jpg

JohnMichael Manzi

Second Year

Mechanical Engineering Major

From Cranston, RI


Khalid Al Khalifa 4.jpg

Khalid AlKhalifa
Fourth Year
Psychology & Finance Major ​ From Bahrain

Anecia Akeen 4.jpg

Anecia Akeen

First Year

Theatre Major

From Dallas, TX

Elli Morrison 4.jpg

Elli Morrison

Fifth Year

Chemical Major

From Shaker Heights, OH

Gabe Holmes 4.jpg

Gabe Holmes

First Year

Cybersecurity Major

From Worcester, MA

Colby Langer 4.jpg

Colby Langer

Second Year

Bioengineering Major

From Barkhamsted, CT

Maddie Evans 4.jpg

Maddie Evans

Third Year

Environmental Studies Major

From Houston, TX

Siddhie Patil 4.jpg

Siddhie Patil

First Year

Political Science &

Business Major

From Bellevue, WA

Derek Joyce 3.jpg

Derek Joyce

Second Year

Mathematics Major

From Monson, MA

Payton McAlice 4.jpg

Payton McAlice

Second Year

Data Science Major

From Holden, MA

Kamille Martin 4.jpg

Kamille Martin

Second Year

Health Science Major

From Southern California

Nicole Davis 4.jpg

Nicole Davis

Second Year

Business Major

From Chapel Hill, NC

Thomas Benda 4.jpg

Thomas Benda

Third Year

CS & Mathematics Major

From Greenwich, CT

Kavi Chopra 4.jpg

Kavi Chopra

Third Year

Supply Chain Management Major

From Millburn, NJ

Ally Barth 4.jpg

Ally Barth

Fourth Year

Entrepreneurship Major

From Sudbury, MA

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